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Best 10 Android Game RPG Offline 3D, For Small Size | Android Offline RPG game is a role-playing game where you can play a position of some of the characters in the game. This game that prioritizes social collaboration will introduce you and work with your friends to win the game. Most RPG games that are enthusiastic about players these days are RPGS that smell the adventure of a particular mission.

The RPG itself comes from the acronym ROLE-Playing Games. Tons of RPG games are available for you on Android. From a shared game that has sharpened your brain's abilities to a mission into violence. For the RPG game even in Android requires usually enough free space in memory is not minimal.

Normally this game has a pretty unique background and obviously has more than one player, so it requires high enough specifications to play this game. For those of you who love playing this role but don't want your Android phone to be slow, you may download 10 free offline RPG games.

10 Best Small Size Android Games RPG Offline

#1 Broken Down II

This Broken Down II adventure game will give you a pretty interesting adventure game experience. The beautiful and light graphics will make you feel at home to play this game.

In this game, tell the world that is being attacked by a virus, causing the appearance of chaos. Well, you and your friends must fight the wild animals in the world to achieve your mission.

You have a variety of weapons to fight, such as pistols, grenades and more. You can simply provide free storage space of 39.78 MB to play this Android Offline RPG on your Android smartphone.

#2 Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG

Heroes Curse is one of the RPG offline Android MOD games that can pamper your eyes as this game has interesting graphics.

This game offers three characters, warior, magician, and archer. This game revolves around the battle to reclaim the village from evil and the power of monsters.

You must fight the monsters to complete this game's mission. In this game you will be equipped with various devices that increase the quality of your attack. With only 153 MB of free space, you can play this game on your Android smartphone.

#3 O. L (Stone of Lights) Ex

This stone of lights game has pretty good graphics and speaks you to play. One of the 3D lightweight Android Offline RPG games offers you 2 characters that you can play, which is Bric a man or Ashley a girl. You can choose from four missions in this game: Knight, Double Blade, Archmage or Barseker.

In this game, your mission is to seize the power of the Stone of Life from evil hands. It's easy enough with only 39MB of free space you can play this game on your Android smartphone.

#4 Asdivine Cross RPG

This Asdivine Cross RPG is a story of a kingdom attacked by criminals called the Watchers. You will play a character named Warvey to fight the criminals to reclaim the kingdom.

Not only to reclaim the kingdom, in this game you also have a mission to save the princess who is locked underground.

You get three friends with their unique skills in your role in this game. To play this RPG offline Android game, you can only provide 43 MB of free space on your Android smartphone.

#5 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game says RPG games for a mission to get a sacred crystal. The challenge in this Android offline RPG game is that you meet and fight against the evil monsters.

The graphics in this game are also pretty good with an interesting setting background. By simply providing 75.73MB of free space on your Android smartphone, you can already play this lightRPG game.

#6 Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC

Specially for offline RPG game Android This you need money rp. 38,810,-able to play it. Shadowrun is an RPG adventure game that uses the sophistication of modern technology to win your mission in this game.

The cost you spend on this game ensures that this game has excellent graphics quality and premium features that you can use. Simply by providing 755MB of free space, you can already play this game on your Android smartphone.

#7 Dungeon Quest

Game Dungeon Quest is a 3D game developed by Shiny Box. This Android offline RPG game application will give you a wide range of weapons that you can use to beat their enemies in this game. This game is quite a favorite because you can get it for free in the Goggle Play Store. You only have 45 MB of free space that you can already install on your Android phone.

#8 Dungeon Hunter 5

This game, developed by the world's leading game factory, Gameloft has excellent graphics and display.

Dungeon Hunter 5 will give an adventurous experience to wipe out the monsters to complete the missions in this offline Android RPG Ringanini game. With only 28MB of free space on your Android smartphone, you can play an easy game with this high quality.

#9 Soulcraft

One of the next interesting Android RPG game Ringanyang is Soulcraft. In this game you will be spoiled with pretty good graphics and make yourself like playing at home this game.

You will play Adventures in the Dungeon World as an angel iced character you set at the beginning of the previous game. You have to fight and eradicate all the monsters in this game world.

You will be accompanied by several other angels as your adventure eliminate the monsters in this game. To play this game, you only need to provide a room of 45.52 MB in your Android smartphone.

#10 Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

This Inotia 4 game will make you finish the thrill of adventure difficult missions. In this lite Android Offline RPG game you will play a role called Kiyan.

You will accompany a friend named Channel of a beautiful woman. You will be against the bad guys in this game world.

If in this mission you will meet many knights who will be your friends and you can control them. You only have 41.97 MB of free space on your Android phone to play this game.