Best 10 Racing Car Crash Games For Android 2020 | We rounded up the best racing games in the Google Play Store. With so many options to choose from, we've put together a list that covers a whole range of sub-genres, from stylized arcade races to very realistic racing sims, so no matter how you prefer, you should find an outstanding game that's right for you.

Best 10 Racing Car Crash Games For Android 2020

There are a number of different types of car games. Some are simulations, others are racing games, and others are still puzzle games.

The genre grew pretty quickly on the phone and it is one of the most popular genres in all mobile. Racing games mainly have some of the best graphics of any mobile game, so it's a great genre for eye candy as well as customization.

There are a number of car games out there. Some of them are pretty good. Some are great. Let's take a look at the best car games for Android.

#1 CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is a drift racing game. It has a number of content for the simplicity of the premise. These include a campaign mode, more than two dozen cars to unlock, ten tracks to play through, and a ghost mode.

Ghost mode allows you to drive your best time on the tracks you've covered. It has flaws. There is no cloud storage and that sucks. It's not a big game either. It doesn't make it bad, but it's something to keep an eye on.

#2 Need for Speed
Need for Speed No Limits is the latest mobile game in the acclaimed racing franchise. This one is not as good as its console counterparts. For casual racing fans, however, this is not bad.

There are a number of cars to unlock, a number of places to drive, and over 1,000 campaign races. Much of it is quite repetitive, but at least the options are there.

Don't be fooled by the name. There are limits to this game. In other words, it's not half bad for a freemium title.

#3 Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 is one of the most popular car games out there. They have been around for a long time. The game has more than 140 cars, a time trial, an online multiplayer, and 17 tracks through which you can drive.

The game offers over 4,000 career events. With only 17 tracks, however, it will be repeated after a while. This is one of the biggest, most expansive racing games on mobile devices. It should bring joy for a while. Be careful of multiplayer. There's a bit of pay-to-win.

#4 Top Speed 2
Top Speed 2 is the latest game in the popular racing franchise. This contains decent graphics, lots of content, and it's all about drag racing.

You can customize and upgrade your cars, unlock more than 70 real car models, and participate in the optional multiplayer if you want. Some other game features include three different cards, different difficulties, and leaderboards.

The real story here, however, is adaptation. The game has thousands of combinations of car parts, stickers, colors, and other customizations. It's far from perfect, but most people really seem to enjoy this.

#5 Asphalt 9: Legends
5 Asphalt 9: Legends, is the latest game in one of the most popular racing franchises on mobile. You get a metric ton of campaign and side missions that you can complete along with a fairly competent multiplayer. In addition, the graphics are pretty good, there's a ton of unlockable content, and you can join forces with other racers in clubs.

The controls are a little easier than previous games and that's either good or bad, depending on your preferences. It's a fantastic arcade racer, though. You can also try Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme if you want something different.

#6 GRID Autosport
GRID Autosport is one of the newer car games on the list and it is also one of the best. It's a complete game for a single price tag, so we already like it. The game also comes with over 100 cars, over 100 races, scalable difficulty, and different types of races.

This is a port of the original GRID autosports game from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 days and this version comes not only with the full game but also with the entire DLC. It works with hardware controllers and it's basically as good as it gets in the car game genre.

#7 Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the rather casual car games. The game uses 2D graphics. The controls are also easy to learn. There are about a dozen vehicles to unlock and customize, expandable car parts, and play a number of races.

This includes daily events and social leaderboards. Hardcore car fans can be left to want. However, we said it was a rather casual car game experience. It's also a freemium game for what it's worth.

#8 Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is one of the best motorsport simulation games on mobile devices. You play the role of manager for a racing team.

This means that you hire and train drivers, formulate pit stop strategies, and even react to weather changes on the track.

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Players can watch races or participate themselves if they want. In addition, the deep strategy elements of the game can keep you going for a very long time. This is one of the good, folks, there is no doubt about it.

#9 Dirt Trackin 2
Dirt Trackin 2 is a bit of a diamond in the rough when it comes to car games. It has solid mechanics, controls, and customization.

The game also comes with five car models, real as well as fictional tracks, real and fictional drivers, a five-cup career mode, three control schemes, and adjustable difficulties. Races can be long, but they are rarely annoying and we like that.

The graphics are decidedly old school compared to most games on the list. They definitely don't play these for eye candy. But everything else about it is just great and it's one of the

#10 CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2 is one of the most popular drag racing car games on mobile devices. The meat of the game contains a campaign mode that is getting more and more difficult. It also includes a number of cars to unlock as well as an online multiplayer mode.

Cars are also customizable and expandable for better appearance and faster race times like most freemium games, it has things like an energy system that you occasionally have to wait for. The graphics are fantastic, but the game's endgame leaves a lot to be desired.

10 Best Free Action Games For Android 2020 | Mobile gaming was often seen as a casual alternative if you can't access your console or PC, but times have changed. Gone are the days of pixelated gameplay and choppy graphics, because the new wave of mobile games, especially those that fall into the action genre, brings everything from stunning graphics and smooth gameplay to impressive mechanics and a rich storyline. 

10 Best Free Action Games For Android 2020

If you are looking for some adrenaline pump-action games for your Android smartphone, here is a list of the 10 best mobile titles that will offer you an exciting experience and keep you busy for some time in 2020.

We all know that free Android games aren't always free these days, but many of them are very close if you have a little patience. Most free to play bottlenecks occur when players become impatient and wait for the game from can usually get to these pitfalls. 

What we have here are the best free Android games you should play comfortably without getting involved in too many in-app purchases, and we hope you enjoy them! If you want free Android games without in-app purchases, we've linked that below. Let's get started.

10 Free Action Games For Android 2020


For people looking for nerve-wracking superhero battles, Marvel Contest of Champions promises to be a top bet. Yes, you did it right! With this one of the most exciting action-adventure games for Android, you get a chance to bet Captain America vs. Iron Man, Hulk vs. Wolverine, Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! 

Well, the story just doesn't stop as you can play the role of the kingpin to unravel epic battles in Marvel history.

Just in case you are inspired by the superpowers, let me warn you in advance that the villains are no less charismatic. 

With powerful people like Thanos and Kang the Conqueror, their path to victory will never be a cakewalk. Beyond action-packed gaming, I really enjoyed exploring the fascinating quest maps and collecting a lot of treats to be ahead of the battles. 

In addition, the Alliance's Quest series also offers a great chance to work with other players to eliminate rogues to save the destruction of the Marvel universe.

#2 Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival is the most realistic depiction of a zombie apocalypse because unlike what you see in such games and movies, you won't have a ton of weapons available in such a scenario. 

This is what makes the game unique and genuine to the core where your goal is to run past a horde of zombies and use balls only when it is absolutely necessary. 

As you walk through the levels, you can unlock a wide range of weapons with destructive power, but you'll need to use them sensibly.

Despite this seems to be a limitation, you will actually become addicted to the auto-runner game really quickly if you play a game a few levels, thanks to the gorgeous graphics and the easy to master controls. 

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival's predecessor was a big hit, but the sequel improves with a current plot, more challenges and special events, immersive graphics and a more diverse arsenal. Play Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival for the unique zombie apocalypse survival experience it brings to the table, period.

#3 Metal Soldier: Shooter

Metal Soldier: Shooter
Have you ever felt like playing a classic Gameboy shooter game on your Android smartphone? If so, then Metal Soldier: Shooter could also be the game of your dreams. 

The game's settings are reminiscent of classics like Contra, but Metal Soldier: Shooter's character design is much more refined and sharper. 

You play as a futuristic soldier who accesses goons, tanks and different types of killer machines with a selection of weapons as he navigates through different levels.

The smooth gameplay experience is further thrown into the mix by the cool background music and the sound of various weapons with occasional voiceover. The best part is that the game is not resource-intensive and does not contain much internal memory, which means that it can also be played on low-end Android smartphones without any problems. 

The levels get harder as you progress, but you can always count on the simple control and support of a robotic gun, rocket strike, etc. to save you once or twice. But be warned, the game is quite addictive and you have to endure a ton of ads.

#4 Xenowerk

Xenowerk might be the easiest game in terms of controls on this list, but the straightforward approach of this game is what you'll love, especially if you just want to play a shooter game without a complex storyline. 

In Xenowerk, you play as a lone soldier who explores five different institutions crawling with all sorts of cruel and bloodthirsty aliens. All you have to do is follow the cards on each level and once you recognize, move, aim and shoot the heat signature of an alien.

The game uses a top-down view of the different levels in which you will play, and while the controls are simple, they are certainly different from what you would expect in a shooter game. For one thing, you can't just aim and then shoot in Xenowerk. 

Once you tap the target reticule, your character starts spraying balls in that direction, and you can move the target joystick to adjust the target during shooting. 

Weapons don't have limited ammunition here, which is great because you'll end up wasting a lot of ammunition; However, there is a heating aspect associated with the weapons, and you need to keep an eye on the heat meter, otherwise, your weapon will overheat and stop shooting until it cools down.

Killing aliens without taking any damage will improve your weapon, but try to blow these monsters into a green goo from a safe distance, or they will crush you to death. 

And hey, stay away from these green canisters of radioactive material because they will really quickly consume your health. Simply use the left and right half of the screen for navigation and shooting respectively, while tapping the weapons button will change your weapon. 

Xenowerk's gameplay is fluid, the visual elements are beautiful and the best part is that it can be played with relative ease on low-end devices.

#5 Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few games based on an anime series that accurately depicts the characters' distinctive fighting styles and powers. Interestingly, the game runs in portrait mode and uses a swipe- and tap-based system to move and execute basic attacks, while power cards of different levels are available for heavy attacks and special attacks. 

The controls are easy to master, but what sets Dragon Ball Legends apart from other fighting games are the excellent graphics and animations that are mirrored with the highest accuracy in the game.

Fans of the anime series will find themselves at home with the game because the story of Dragon Ball Legends draws directly from the Super Saiyan Broly bow. Yes, the stunning, rogue Broly, who easily overwhelms like Goku and Vegeta. Coming to the game, the controls are simple and running deadly combos is not a difficult task either. 

Aside from story mode, you can also fight online battles against opponents around the world, but what will really surprise you are the excellent combat animations and character-when voices that make the game even more exciting.

If you're a fan of shooting games that played during World War II, Brothers in Arms 3 will provide you with just that with an extra shot of cinematic visuals and a lot of action. 

The battle settings are very realistic and the game mechanics are easy to master with minimal control on the screen. Instead of collecting a ton of weapons, the player is simply armed with a weapon that can be upgraded or modified for a more powerful version, while heavy attacks such as airstrikes and rocket fire are carried by "brothers" with special abilities that are unlocked after completing missions.

The story-controlled single player mode is excellent, but the real fun is in multiplayer mode, which has two formats and is played on four different cards. But that's not all. You can choose the characteristics of your weapon such as fire rate, reload time or just up another that rains high-profile bullets or even shoots an electric explosion. 

You can embark on various missions ranging from direct attacks to snipers and stealth targets, with some special time-limited events also thrown into the mix. The game also has a kill zoom camera that shows some of the most impressive kills with adrenaline pump zoom and effects. 

In addition, the game uses a number of additional features to make gameplay even more realistic – while the graphics are definitely awesome, the game uses very detailed environments (both indoors and outdoors) and even has weather variations to make missions appear even more lifelike than what they were with Brothers in Arms 2.

Gameloft has also launched a companion app for smartwatches that lets you claim rewards, check your weapons, and even sign up for events right from your wrist. The app is compatible with moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, ZenWatch and on the Apple Watch for players playing on an iPhone.

#7 Modern Combat 5

Get ready to hit the battlefield in one of the best shooter series on the Android platform, Modern Combat 5. 

The fifth part of the high-octane explosiveaction game is better than ever. In the game, you're the super soldier who will lead your team to glory by shooting terrorists, shooting helicopters, sniffing enemies on water jets, and more. 

Launch an all-out attack as an attack class, embark on a stealth mission with the Recon class, or choose a class from the 9 options available to suit you.

If you've played Call of Duty before, you'll love this game on your smartphone. You can play against other people from all over the world in 5 vs 5 game modes and coordinate your punches with your teammates via voice chat to win the battles. 

The game requires many quick reflexes and dexterity if you want to see your name at the top of the leaderboard. The graphics are stunning, the combat environment is realistic and the overall experience is simply one of the best you get from a mobile game.

Mortal Combat 5 also has a number of game modes in which you can play. There is the campaign mode, of course, but there is also a multiplayer mode, bonus events and even a new Battle Royale mode (because why not) that you can play. It's definitely one of the funniest action games you can play on Android.


The best alien shooter game out there? Shadowgun Legends. Apart from being a visual spectacle, shadowgun legends is simply the most enjoyable game of its genre. 

The gameplay is super smooth, the graphics are awesome and the weapon mechanics are pretty simple too. 

But what makes Shadowngun Legends a must-play game is the sheer number of missions, the different settings, and the depth of story development that makes the missions look like a true stealth operation that includes everything from shooting down alien drones and destroying power plants to beaming alien heads in a glorious way.

The game starts with a pretty funny intro video that you can skip, but I would totally recommend to see and after that you can get straight into the action. 

Shadowgun Legends has some elements of an RPG, and while you're on the base planet (where you get your missions, buy weapons, and even participate in tournaments), you can interact with other real players who also play the game. It definitely adds a very realistic feel for the entire setup of the game.

The story mode is pretty immersive with over hundreds of operations to choose from on different planets, while co-op missions, raids, and PvP team battles keep the gameplay experience fresh. 

There are hundreds of character customization options, but there's a separate section where you can choose from no less than 600 guns and armor to help you become an alien killing legend. Also, the dialogues in the game are totally badass and make the experience even more rewarding.

#9 Fortnite

Fortnite can be called a more colorful and creative version of PUBG with less realistic battle settings and more in-game content than any Android title game out there. The game is just an explosion. The premise remains the same, i.e. survive until you are the only player alive or kill the maximum number of enemies in a given time. 

There are several modes like Solo, Duo, Squad, and Playground, in addition to a ton of time-limited events, including a 50v50 mode, a large team mode and much more. But what sets Fortnite apart from any other Battle Royale game is the construction mechanism at stake. 

You can "manage" materials by doing almost anything you find on the map, including trees, houses, rocks and even cars, and you can use these materials to build structures to get cover when you need it or reach higher ground to use as a better vantage point for snipers.

But more importantly, Fortnite adds a lot of jazz and wild things that are hard to find in any other game out there. Remember those cheeky dance moves called emotes? 

Then there are some crazy weapons like guided missiles, boogie bombs and a lot of other funny stuff. The sheer number of on-screen controls and simultaneous killing and building can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get a grip on it, it would be hard to put your smartphone away. The customization options are seemingly endless and the gameplay stays fresh with the regular addition of content with new ones every season and event.

Just like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite also has a season pass called Battle Pass, which unlocks weekly missions and cosmetic rewards, including emotes, skins, gliders and a variety of other things you can use in-game. 

And if you don't want to pay for the Battle Pass, there's a free variant available to anyone with a smaller number of missions and rewards, but almost all the fun.

What I personally love about Fortnite is the fact that although this is a Battle Royale game, not everyone shoots for winning games. 

 You're going to come across people who are just unashamedly ambitious buildings, trying to do time trials that are packed around the map, and basically just having fun. It's a light-hearted game, and a lot of people play it that way. You should definitely look away Fortnite if you are looking for a wildly different battle royale experience than any other game out there.

#10 Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is one of the best fighting games on the mobile platform. Although Tekken and Injustice 2 are also great, their mobile versions couldn't replicate the same experience they offer on consoles. 

Mortal Kombat X remains the exception in this regard. The iconic characters, over-the-top moves and brutal deaths all swirl in a visually stunning form in Mortal Kombat X. There's a lot of gore and bloody violence, all captured in stunning detail, something that's a signature element of the franchise.

You can take part in a 3V3 battle with three fighters on your Site and build up a list of different characters, challenge other players in an online blood festival, and get help from allies during a battle. 

Taps and swipes are what the gameplay mechanics make up, while the rewards can be used to buy new characters, customization items, taunts, etc. Deaths are a little hard to carry out but trust me, the wait is totally worth it. The X-ray spectacle of broken bones, blood injections, and flying skulls is at its best.

While Campaign Mode is excellent in Mortal Kombat X, the game also offers a number of other game modes, including a quest mode where you can send your collection of Mortal Kombat fighters to epic quests to get rewards. 

You can also watch 'Shao Kahn's Tower', where you'll have to fight up to earn talent points and ghost fragments. And if you want, you can also play against real players in faction alstates.

10 Best Offline Android Games Action On 2020,You Must Try! | Action games have always been attractive to the guys because they emphasize physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. 

Also, action games are among the best gaming categories everywhere because they require a lot of thinking and concentration to navigate through most of the time. The ever-growing development of the smartphone offers top-game developers great opportunities to reach the Google Play Store with their best lot. 

The sad part, however, is that most of the best games on Google Play cannot be played without an internet connection.

Thus, it affects the gaming experience and restricts players in countries where finding a fast internet connection is a hiccup around a task. Today, In this roundup, I will record the best action games for Android of all time that can be played without the internet.

#1 Duet

Duet is an impressive minimalist action game for Android. In this game, you are required to control two vessels in synchronization while keeping calm and surviving against all odds. Duet is an intense action game. 

The game has eight chapters with captivation graphics of intense and nerve-racking gameplay. Furthermore, this game runs smoothly on most devices. It costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

Implosion Never Lose Hope is one of the best offline action games for Android. The game features console-level graphics and intense gameplay. In addition, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. You have to fight against a mysterious creature known as XADA in this game. 

The first 6 levels are free to play, but you'll have to unlock other levels afterward. Implosion Never Lose Hope can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the all-round action games for Android offline. It allows you to shoot from top to bottom. This action game combines classic arcade elements with current technology to release one of the best action games you'll ever play. 

In addition, the game features include atmospheric levels with various missions, unforgettable battles, 3D graphics, full voiceovers, electronic soundtrack and more. Sky Force Reloaded can be downloaded for free from the Play Store by clicking here.

The game starts by throwing you into a zombie world where you are expected to survive to fight. All you have to do is stay alive, move as fast as possible and protect yourself by all necessary means. When the dead rise, you just have to run! In addition, the game also offers cruel and intense gameplay with stunning graphics. It is also supported on tablet devices. Into the Dead is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

Xenowerk is one of the best mobile action games for Android available in the Play Store at the moment. It's basically a shooter game that challenges your combat skills in an underground science lab where a failed experiment was conducted. There are 70 different levels in this game. 

All you have to do is fight and kill mutants and survive against all odds. It sounds like an interesting challenge. Isn't it? 

In addition, the game has some features that include a wide range of weapons and equipment; special gameplay skills; expandable weapons and much more. Xenowerk is free of charge. It can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

The story of this game begins with a group of intergalactic "problem" solvers being sent to investigate a matter. The Earth's Space Federation has been building lunar bases throughout the galaxy for many years. 

Space Grunts must study one of those lunar bases that sent an emergency signal. You have to play as a member of Space Grunts. Their mission is simple. All you have to do is find your way to the lunar base and find out what happened. 

They have to fight their way through aliens, robots, security drones, and base systems. After that, you'll need to find the lower levels of the lunar base and get to the core of the problems. The amazing game, Space Grunts can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

Geometry Wars is an arcade action game. It comes with more than 100 action-packed levels to play from. In addition, you will need to travel for three-dimensional maps in this game. There are also 15 3D handles and 12 battle modes. 

The good part is that Geometry Wars can be played on android phones as well as tablet devices. However, it is not free. Geometry Wars 3 cost in the Play Store is 9.99 USD and it can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

Unkilled is a zombie shooter game. It has multiplayer, special ops and extra-long storyline features. In this game, you must survive in an apocalyptic world in the most horrific zombie outbreak. It was staged in New York City. 

The story begins with one of five unique characters who are elite members of the task force who are called in to do the dirty work on the streets of the Big Apple. 

They are simply known as Wolfpack. They will be part of a private military organization designed to find, track and eliminate a threat. In addition, you need to dig deeper into the streets, subways, sewers and back streets of New York. 

Discover a plot that no one can imagine. If you are interested in this game, you can download it from the Play Store by clicking here.

Alto's Adventure is one of the other great Action games for Android users.  It cannot be ignored at all. The game is fairly light in size and runs smoothly on all devices. 

The game revolves around the journey through wilderness, mountains and deserted lands. It's one of the most captivating action games of all time. 

In addition, you are committed to saving llamas on your way and must survive obstacles in harsh conditions. This game is not free. Alto's Adventure, however, costs.99 US dollars. You can download Alto's adventures from the Play Store by clicking here.

Critical Ops is one of the best offline action games you can currently find in the Google Play Store. The game is actually a first-person shooter with a fast-paced FPS that tests your tactical skills. Critical Ops has 2 modes. 

One of them is defusing mode, while the other is Deathmatch mode. In defuse mode, terrorists attempt to plant and detonate a bomb while the player fights for a maximum number of kills in Deathmatch mode within a time frame. Critical Ops is available in the Play Store and is completely free. The game can be downloaded here.

Best 10 Android Game RPG Offline 3D, For Small Size | Android Offline RPG game is a role-playing game where you can play a position of some of the characters in the game. This game that prioritizes social collaboration will introduce you and work with your friends to win the game. Most RPG games that are enthusiastic about players these days are RPGS that smell the adventure of a particular mission.

The RPG itself comes from the acronym ROLE-Playing Games. Tons of RPG games are available for you on Android. From a shared game that has sharpened your brain's abilities to a mission into violence. For the RPG game even in Android requires usually enough free space in memory is not minimal.

Normally this game has a pretty unique background and obviously has more than one player, so it requires high enough specifications to play this game. For those of you who love playing this role but don't want your Android phone to be slow, you may download 10 free offline RPG games.

10 Best Small Size Android Games RPG Offline

#1 Broken Down II

This Broken Down II adventure game will give you a pretty interesting adventure game experience. The beautiful and light graphics will make you feel at home to play this game.

In this game, tell the world that is being attacked by a virus, causing the appearance of chaos. Well, you and your friends must fight the wild animals in the world to achieve your mission.

You have a variety of weapons to fight, such as pistols, grenades and more. You can simply provide free storage space of 39.78 MB to play this Android Offline RPG on your Android smartphone.

#2 Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG

Heroes Curse is one of the RPG offline Android MOD games that can pamper your eyes as this game has interesting graphics.

This game offers three characters, warior, magician, and archer. This game revolves around the battle to reclaim the village from evil and the power of monsters.

You must fight the monsters to complete this game's mission. In this game you will be equipped with various devices that increase the quality of your attack. With only 153 MB of free space, you can play this game on your Android smartphone.

#3 O. L (Stone of Lights) Ex

This stone of lights game has pretty good graphics and speaks you to play. One of the 3D lightweight Android Offline RPG games offers you 2 characters that you can play, which is Bric a man or Ashley a girl. You can choose from four missions in this game: Knight, Double Blade, Archmage or Barseker.

In this game, your mission is to seize the power of the Stone of Life from evil hands. It's easy enough with only 39MB of free space you can play this game on your Android smartphone.

#4 Asdivine Cross RPG

This Asdivine Cross RPG is a story of a kingdom attacked by criminals called the Watchers. You will play a character named Warvey to fight the criminals to reclaim the kingdom.

Not only to reclaim the kingdom, in this game you also have a mission to save the princess who is locked underground.

You get three friends with their unique skills in your role in this game. To play this RPG offline Android game, you can only provide 43 MB of free space on your Android smartphone.

#5 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game says RPG games for a mission to get a sacred crystal. The challenge in this Android offline RPG game is that you meet and fight against the evil monsters.

The graphics in this game are also pretty good with an interesting setting background. By simply providing 75.73MB of free space on your Android smartphone, you can already play this lightRPG game.

#6 Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC

Specially for offline RPG game Android This you need money rp. 38,810,-able to play it. Shadowrun is an RPG adventure game that uses the sophistication of modern technology to win your mission in this game.

The cost you spend on this game ensures that this game has excellent graphics quality and premium features that you can use. Simply by providing 755MB of free space, you can already play this game on your Android smartphone.

#7 Dungeon Quest

Game Dungeon Quest is a 3D game developed by Shiny Box. This Android offline RPG game application will give you a wide range of weapons that you can use to beat their enemies in this game. This game is quite a favorite because you can get it for free in the Goggle Play Store. You only have 45 MB of free space that you can already install on your Android phone.

#8 Dungeon Hunter 5

This game, developed by the world's leading game factory, Gameloft has excellent graphics and display.

Dungeon Hunter 5 will give an adventurous experience to wipe out the monsters to complete the missions in this offline Android RPG Ringanini game. With only 28MB of free space on your Android smartphone, you can play an easy game with this high quality.

#9 Soulcraft

One of the next interesting Android RPG game Ringanyang is Soulcraft. In this game you will be spoiled with pretty good graphics and make yourself like playing at home this game.

You will play Adventures in the Dungeon World as an angel iced character you set at the beginning of the previous game. You have to fight and eradicate all the monsters in this game world.

You will be accompanied by several other angels as your adventure eliminate the monsters in this game. To play this game, you only need to provide a room of 45.52 MB in your Android smartphone.

#10 Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

This Inotia 4 game will make you finish the thrill of adventure difficult missions. In this lite Android Offline RPG game you will play a role called Kiyan.

You will accompany a friend named Channel of a beautiful woman. You will be against the bad guys in this game world.

If in this mission you will meet many knights who will be your friends and you can control them. You only have 41.97 MB of free space on your Android phone to play this game.

10 Best Offline RPG Android 2020

The RPG or the status of this role-playing game can only be enjoyed via PC. But over time and the development of technology evolves, we can enjoy this kind of RPG game via smartphones, especially on Android devices.

10 Best Offline RPG Android 2020

The RPG game itself is available online or offline. You can choose both according to your wishes. For example, like offline RPG games, of course you don't have to play the game with an internet connection. However, the RPG game, which is played offline, is no less funny than online.

Want to know which offline RPG games for Android are light and fun? Here are 17 best options of the 2020 YaTekno version.

10 Best Offline RPG Android Games 2020

#1 Inotia 4

Inotia 4

Perhaps for you fans of RPG games on Android certainly no stranger heard the name of this one game, The Chronicles Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel its name.

This game is very interesting in terms of history and plot. In terms of size, this game has a size that is not too big, but the graphics presented are very impressive.

This game itself is a sequel to the third series, The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia. What in the third game series the attention of players, especially lovers of RPG games.

In this game under the auspices of Com2uS USA there are 15 different abilities. This allows you to use this skill in combat. In addition, there are 400 cards that are very interesting for us to play. A wide selection of weapons, abilities, upgrades of armor and weapons, and so on you can enjoy in this game.

#2. SoulCraft 2 - Action RPG

If you are looking for an Android offline RPG game that has a nice graphics and a light size, SoulCraft 2 may be the right choice for you to play. This RPG game under the patronage of MobileBits GmbH comes better than its predecessor.

Just like the prequel, SoulCraft 2 still lifts the RPG concept with a 2D camera view. But here the developer packed it with a fresher dish, such as adding characters and various new styles.

In his single-player adventure mode, he continues the previous prequel, where you have to stop the demon that will trigger the apocalypse. For the setting, it is in New York, Tokyo or Moscow with stunning graphics. Play this game, free games offline.
#3 Eternium

Launched in 2014, this offline Android RPG titled Eternium continues to attract special attention from the developers.

Yep, with improvements in terms of features and visual offerings and graphics, the game manages to grab the players. Proven, Eternium Digadang-gadang will be one of the best rated RPG games, which is 4.8.

In this game there is a whole lot of equipment that can be obtained during adventurous. The higher the gear is won, the stronger the character you use.

On the side of its gameplay, this game is considered not boring because it has many layers and folders.

#4 BitBattle


If you are looking for an offline RPG game with a light size, then BitBattle is a good choice. Because this game has a size of about 35 MBan only.

However, the simple graphics that will be presented will also be entertaining for the players.

Apparently, the game, which has quite unique graphics, is also very popular with Android players. In fact, the game of Human Pride Games is very funny to play, besides, we are also committed to designing a good strategy to penetrate the defense of the opponent.

Each character has its own uniqueness or power in carrying out attacks. Surely you have to be smart to use the character to win the fight.

#5 Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories

The next offline RPG game has a classic theme with very simple visuals. However, this GAMEVIL Inc. game gamer will not get bored quickly.

Since there are 98 quests and 152 cards that we can use, it will not make a saturation for the player.

Simple and easy-to-use controllers also make players feel at home when playing this game. You must face and defeat enemies during your adventure. Surely it will be interesting and fun for sure.

#6 Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Maybe not many people know the RPG game on this. Because beamdog games hinder the players who want to download it.

Although it has a pretty expensive price, this game will certainly not exist. Excellent flow and graphics certainly give a funny impression for every player.

In this game you will be asked to form a group of heroes. Here you have to dodge and escape from the clutches of the evil witch named Irenicus. Surely you will be invited to venture into a fun and exciting fantasy world.

#7 Legendary Warrior

The next game is certainly no less interesting with the other, Legendary Warrior name. In this game you will be presented with a battle of legendary soldiers.

Where you fight on the ground of dark chaos and are inhabited by evil monsters.

You will be tasked with providing each monster to earn money to improve weapons, abilities and more.

The simple and varied controllers will certainly make your gaming experience even more entertaining and enjoyable.

#8 Reaper

Reaper is an offline RPG game that has a lighter size than the previous title of the game. In addition to having a cool graphics, this element of the story made by HEXAGE game is also quite interesting so that the player is not easily bored.

In this game, you are required to complete the mission of saving the world where you will be fighting with various groups.

Well, the character you use here is also equipped with skill or skill fighting. Interestingly, you can also choose from hundreds of swords, armor, and other accessories to battle.

#9 Ben 10 Xenodrome

Have you ever played Ben 10? If so, you can be familiar with the gameplay offerings in the Beno 10 Xenodrome game, which showcases many alien characters.

This game, based on the TV series, prompts you to claim to save the world from the evil aliens who are trying to master the face of Earth.

Well, in this game you will be able to choose 16 different characters that can be used in different places.

With a long enough story, because it consists of more than 100 levels, the graphical presentation of the game is also good enough that you don't get bored to complete missions for missions.

#10 Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy

Despite a simple visual presentation, this game called Battleheart Legacy offers a 3D animation shell that will amaze you during the game. Mika Mobile As the manufacturer of this game, it offers more than 200 unique characters in the game.

Interestingly, each character you choose has different abilities or combat abilities. Like wizards, archers and more. But essentially, you'll have to complete missions in a fantasy world filled with a group of evil creatures.

Update 10 Best Offline Android Games 2020 | Many Android games depend on a mobile data connection. Whether it's downloading stuff from the server like Clash of Clans or using it for DRM protection like most Final Fantasy games, it seems as if virtually every game asks you to be near a web connection just to run the game.

Best Offline Android Games 2020

Not everyone has this luxury, so here are ten of the best offline Android games that don't need Wi-Fi at all. If none of them float your boat, Google Play has a list of offline games for your convenience. These include some modern games like Subway Surfers and classics like Fruit Ninja.

10 Best Offline Games For Android

Here are some of the best Android games that don't require Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection!

#1 Alto’s Odyssey
Altos Odyssey is one of the newer offline games that doesn't require Wi-Fi. It is a side-scrolling infinite runner. They ski to have different slopes, make different jumps, and collect a number of coins. The coins unlock customization elements in the game shop.

You'll also get colorful, good-looking graphics. They won't win awards for realism, but they're certainly nice to look at. The mechanics are simple enough.

They move forward on their own. The only player controls jump and perform flips in the air. The game is free with advertising. You can pay to remove the ads or buy coins to unlock customization items. It is one of the most popular offline Android games.

#2 Crashlands
Crashlands is one of the best offline Android games of all time. They land on a planet that has no way out. The goal is to build a base, defeat the main villain, and make different items to get out. It comes with a simple, fun combat system.

There is also a self-managing inventory, lots of stuff to tinker with and tongue-in-cheek humour that keeps the atmosphere light and handy. There is also cloud storage support, offline playback, and controller support. It's priced at 4.99 dollars without in-app purchases.

#3 Crossy Road
Crossy Road is one of the most popular mobile games. It's basically the frog of the mobile gaming generation.

They lead a chicken across the road, streams and around various obstacles. The game features more than 150 collectible characters, local and online multiplayer (if you play online anyway), offline support, Android TV support and more.

It is a family-friendly game that is free to play. The in-app purchases are mostly for cosmetic items that don't affect the game.

#4. Bloons TD 6
Bloon's TD 6 is the newest participant in the classic Tower Defense franchise. It plays a lot like its predecessors.

They set up towers along a road and defeat villains as they approach. The game has 20 maps, five levels of upgrades, heroes and 19 towers with three upgrade paths each.

You will also get a rich meta with many individual tower upgrades for specific situations. Finally, players get several difficulties and a few different game modes.

Of course, the game is playable offline. It runs for 4.99 dollars with some additional (and optional) in-app purchases. It is easily one of the two best tower defense releases of 2018.

#5. Eternium
Eternium is one of the few Freemium RPGs that does not require an Internet connection. This is an action RPG.

You walk around, slime magic, kill villains and explore various ruins and dungeons. Of course, you also get a story to collect tons of loot, and do a lot of stuff. It plays like most mobile action RPGs. However, you do not need to connect to a server to play anything. However, you must ensure that the latest content is downloaded.

Otherwise, the game may not work as expected. It's a freemium game, but it's not aggressive like that. It's one of the most successful action RPGs on mobile devices for a reason.

#6. Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th is a horror puzzle game with a ton of Gore and a funny premise. You play as Jason Vorhees and you battle your way over 100 levels.

You have to slaughter all the people, avoiding the cops, traps, landmines and, strangely, rotating phones. It's a fun action arcade style experience with some horror and gore elements. We definitely don't recommend this for kids, but you can play it offline and it's a good game.

#7. Kingdom Rush Vengeance
Kingdom Rush Vengeance is another outstanding tower defense game of 2018. This is the latest game in the popular Kingdom Rush series and it plays like its predecessors.

You set up towers and heroes on a path to defeat all villains. The game features a number of towers, 16 levels, 35 villains, 30 upgrades and over 50 achievements.

Yes, it also plays offline when you need it. The main game goes for 4.99 USD. There are optional in-app purchases for items that will help you win different games. However, there is no online multiplayer mode, so it's not pay-to-win. However, it is an extraordinary challenge.

#8. GRID Autosport
GRID Autosport is one of the latest racing games and has offline support. In addition, it has full controller support, a metric ton of content to unlock and a ton of race to play through.

The game is a full port of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version with all DLC included for the 9.99 USD price tag.

You will also get a number of race types, excellent graphics and above-average play. There's not much wrong with this and it's one of the few good racing games for mobile with controller support as well as offline support.

#9. NBA Jam
NBA Jam is probably the best arcade sports game at the moment. It has two-on-two basketball. The rules are also rather loose. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. The graphics are not amazing, but they are passable. The mechanics are mostly arcade-style basketball. So they are simple enough for a good mobile experience. It offers local and online multiplayer, controller support and more. The game also has a campaign mode to play. You even get Android TV support along with support for hardware controllers. There's a lot here for 4.99 dollars. It also has no in-app purchases.

#10. Minecraft
Minecraft can't have story lines, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, then it's probably this game.

You can create whole worlds and play offline either in creative mode or in survival, where you can build stuff, kill my stuff, kill bad guys and do pretty much anything you want.

It's not as big and immersive as the computer version, but the developers have closed the gap by adding things like Redstone for more unique building. It's priced at 6.99 usd with in-app purchases. The additional purchases are for player skins.

Those who like the idea of Minecraft but want a different experience, Terraria is also an offline game with similar mechanics.

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