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Live Streaming Portugal Vs Germany - Euro 2020

Games Indigo | Euro 2020 will once again host a bitter Group F match between Portugal and Germany at the Allianz Arena on Saturday (19.06.2021).

Live Streaming Portugal Vs Germany - Euro 2020

Judging by the statistics of both teams, both Portugal and Germany actually have a chance to win, so this game can certainly be a fierce duel.

Germany, meanwhile, is only one point ahead of Hungary at the bottom of Group D. On the other hand, Portugal, as the defending champions in the European Cup, lead the group D table with a collection of three points.

Portugal team

Cristiano Ronaldo et al deserve to be at the top of the standings because of a goal difference from France who sits second.

With the current standings, Portugal and France are guaranteed to qualify for the knockout phase of Euro 2020 if they win on the second matchday of Group D.

Germany team

In this big match, Den Panzer, the nickname of Team Germany will play all out to see Portugal have ensured themselves into the Round of 16.

Germany is currently in a pinched situation after conceding a narrow 0–1 defeat on the first matchday of Group F of Euro 2020 on Wednesday (16/06/2021).

Therefore, Germany must win over Portugal if they want to have a chance of qualifying for the round of 16 or the knockout phase of Euro 2020.

Portugal Vs Germany Statistics

Judging by the statistics of both teams in their second meeting in the last five matches, Germany on paper is superior.

Because in the 5 matches of the second meeting, Germany is superior with 4 wins, and 1 loss to Portugal.

However, Portugal's victory over Germany in the last match proved that Cristiano Ronaldo et al could not be seen in the eye. Here are the statistics of the two elevenths.

  • 16-06-2014 Germany 4-0 Portugal (World Cup)
  • 10-06-2012 Germany 1-0 Portugal (Euro)
  • 20-06-2008 Portugal 2-3 Germany (Euro)
  • 09-07-2006 Germany 3-1 Portugal (World Cup)
  • 21-06-2000 Portugal 3-0 Germany (Euro).

For those of you who want to watch the match between Portugal and Germany online, you can follow the ways below:

  • Use your browser, and type in google Yalla Shoot/
  • If you fail to use Google, you can use another search engine, such as, and then type Yalla Shoot/
  • If that still fails, you can use a VPN, to open the site.

To make it easier for you to watch the live broadcast between Portugal Vs Germany at Euro 2020 tonight, please click the link below:

Live Stream Euro 2020 Portugal Vs Germany – 19 June 2021 [Yalla Shoot]

Thus information about Live Streaming Portugal Vs Germany Euro 2020 – 19 June 2021, which you can watch for free and minimal buffering, congratulations.