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10 Best Offline RPG Android 2020

The RPG or the status of this role-playing game can only be enjoyed via PC. But over time and the development of technology evolves, we can enjoy this kind of RPG game via smartphones, especially on Android devices.

10 Best Offline RPG Android 2020

The RPG game itself is available online or offline. You can choose both according to your wishes. For example, like offline RPG games, of course you don't have to play the game with an internet connection. However, the RPG game, which is played offline, is no less funny than online.

Want to know which offline RPG games for Android are light and fun? Here are 17 best options of the 2020 YaTekno version.

10 Best Offline RPG Android Games 2020

#1 Inotia 4

Inotia 4

Perhaps for you fans of RPG games on Android certainly no stranger heard the name of this one game, The Chronicles Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel its name.

This game is very interesting in terms of history and plot. In terms of size, this game has a size that is not too big, but the graphics presented are very impressive.

This game itself is a sequel to the third series, The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia. What in the third game series the attention of players, especially lovers of RPG games.

In this game under the auspices of Com2uS USA there are 15 different abilities. This allows you to use this skill in combat. In addition, there are 400 cards that are very interesting for us to play. A wide selection of weapons, abilities, upgrades of armor and weapons, and so on you can enjoy in this game.

#2. SoulCraft 2 - Action RPG

If you are looking for an Android offline RPG game that has a nice graphics and a light size, SoulCraft 2 may be the right choice for you to play. This RPG game under the patronage of MobileBits GmbH comes better than its predecessor.

Just like the prequel, SoulCraft 2 still lifts the RPG concept with a 2D camera view. But here the developer packed it with a fresher dish, such as adding characters and various new styles.

In his single-player adventure mode, he continues the previous prequel, where you have to stop the demon that will trigger the apocalypse. For the setting, it is in New York, Tokyo or Moscow with stunning graphics. Play this game, free games offline.
#3 Eternium

Launched in 2014, this offline Android RPG titled Eternium continues to attract special attention from the developers.

Yep, with improvements in terms of features and visual offerings and graphics, the game manages to grab the players. Proven, Eternium Digadang-gadang will be one of the best rated RPG games, which is 4.8.

In this game there is a whole lot of equipment that can be obtained during adventurous. The higher the gear is won, the stronger the character you use.

On the side of its gameplay, this game is considered not boring because it has many layers and folders.

#4 BitBattle


If you are looking for an offline RPG game with a light size, then BitBattle is a good choice. Because this game has a size of about 35 MBan only.

However, the simple graphics that will be presented will also be entertaining for the players.

Apparently, the game, which has quite unique graphics, is also very popular with Android players. In fact, the game of Human Pride Games is very funny to play, besides, we are also committed to designing a good strategy to penetrate the defense of the opponent.

Each character has its own uniqueness or power in carrying out attacks. Surely you have to be smart to use the character to win the fight.

#5 Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories

The next offline RPG game has a classic theme with very simple visuals. However, this GAMEVIL Inc. game gamer will not get bored quickly.

Since there are 98 quests and 152 cards that we can use, it will not make a saturation for the player.

Simple and easy-to-use controllers also make players feel at home when playing this game. You must face and defeat enemies during your adventure. Surely it will be interesting and fun for sure.

#6 Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Maybe not many people know the RPG game on this. Because beamdog games hinder the players who want to download it.

Although it has a pretty expensive price, this game will certainly not exist. Excellent flow and graphics certainly give a funny impression for every player.

In this game you will be asked to form a group of heroes. Here you have to dodge and escape from the clutches of the evil witch named Irenicus. Surely you will be invited to venture into a fun and exciting fantasy world.

#7 Legendary Warrior

The next game is certainly no less interesting with the other, Legendary Warrior name. In this game you will be presented with a battle of legendary soldiers.

Where you fight on the ground of dark chaos and are inhabited by evil monsters.

You will be tasked with providing each monster to earn money to improve weapons, abilities and more.

The simple and varied controllers will certainly make your gaming experience even more entertaining and enjoyable.

#8 Reaper

Reaper is an offline RPG game that has a lighter size than the previous title of the game. In addition to having a cool graphics, this element of the story made by HEXAGE game is also quite interesting so that the player is not easily bored.

In this game, you are required to complete the mission of saving the world where you will be fighting with various groups.

Well, the character you use here is also equipped with skill or skill fighting. Interestingly, you can also choose from hundreds of swords, armor, and other accessories to battle.

#9 Ben 10 Xenodrome

Have you ever played Ben 10? If so, you can be familiar with the gameplay offerings in the Beno 10 Xenodrome game, which showcases many alien characters.

This game, based on the TV series, prompts you to claim to save the world from the evil aliens who are trying to master the face of Earth.

Well, in this game you will be able to choose 16 different characters that can be used in different places.

With a long enough story, because it consists of more than 100 levels, the graphical presentation of the game is also good enough that you don't get bored to complete missions for missions.

#10 Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy

Despite a simple visual presentation, this game called Battleheart Legacy offers a 3D animation shell that will amaze you during the game. Mika Mobile As the manufacturer of this game, it offers more than 200 unique characters in the game.

Interestingly, each character you choose has different abilities or combat abilities. Like wizards, archers and more. But essentially, you'll have to complete missions in a fantasy world filled with a group of evil creatures.