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Crash Of F-18 super Hornets Maneuver | Fight Simulation

Crash Of F-18 super Hornets Maneuver | Actually the play a simulation of a plane while he was hated by many people, especially children, and adolescents.

Crash Of F-18 super Hornets Maneuver

Now that many games that simulate game plane brought more sophisticated equipment. Tasks that require more than one country needs military forces to attack the enemy with bombs and gunfire.

To pass to the opposition side missions to publicize by special air force plane and aircraft types in F-18 Super Hornet.

Watch for planes destroyed enemy militia exercises "Crash Of F-18 super Hornets Maneuver", as seen from the cockpit of the plane with the settings during the night.

Title: Air Fighter F-18 Cockpit View Failed Mission
Duration: 11:46
Mission: Filed 
Mode: Day
View: Cockpit