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Last Premier League Fixtures [Sunday 23 May 2021]

Games Indigo | Premier League or Premier League 2020/2021 will enter the last week. Manchester City is already the key to the title. But the fixture schedule is still the main meal, which determines the fate of several teams, such as Leicester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

Last Premier League Fixtures [Sunday 23 May 2021]

All three teams will fight all out to cement the Premier League's top four positions as well as qualify for next season's Champions League. A minor result would put them in the Europa League alone.

Leicester City, for example, should be willing to drop to fifth place with 66 points. His collection is the same as Liverpool's, but Brendan Rodgers' side lost the game by a goal difference.

In third place is Chelsea with a collection of 67 points. Practically speaking, all three teams had to win to solidify their position in the top four.

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The competition in the Europa League zone is also no less fierce. West Ham was in the wind after a 3-1 win over West Bromwich Albion last weekend.

The win will require Jesse Lingard to draw just one point to finish sixth in the group stage of the Europa League. Tottenham Hotspur, who lost 2-1 to Aston Villa, could only be beaten.

Everton, 59 points behind Tottenham, qualifies for next season's Europa League or play-offs. Even with Arsenal (58) who wants to compete in Europe.

Here is the full Schedule of the Premier League last week of the 2020/2021 season.

  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
  • Manchester City vs Everton
  • Sheffield United vs Burnley
  • West Ham vs Southampton
  • Wolverhampton vs Manchester United
  • Arsenal vs Brighton
  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  • Fulham vs Newcastle United
  • Leeds United vs West Brom
  • Leicester City vs Tottenham