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Top 10 Surgeon Simulator Game Demo For Child From Google Play Free Download

10 Surgeon Simulator Game Demo For Child - As a doctor to visit and treat children. The game of education has the best simulation game in the memory process. The biggest casualty and illness of heart disease patients came to the hospital for surgery.

Start knowing your story before it is processed and sent to the theatre of operations. You have a brain surgeon who has been reporting for you or you may already have a stomach ailment.

They have suffered from lung cancer, liver or kidney disease. Be careful when you perform open heart surgery on your patient simulator for your pain.

1. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

2. Hospital Surgeon

Hospital Surgeon

3. Operate Now: Hospital

Operate Now: Hospital

4. Surgery Simulator

Surgery Simulator

5. Brain Surgery Simulator

Brain Surgery Simulator

Here are the new patients who receive the cardiac surgery that was opened by the heart surgeon. The ambulance doctor contacted the symptoms and illnesses that were on their way to the hospital. These patients suffer from heart disease, which can affect the movement of fingers, hands, and feet if the heart does not pump the blood properly.

How to Play?

  • Play with doctor over 100 patients to cut open and working on me
  • Works on the eyes, brain, heart, lungs, robots, bears, giant squid etc.
  • Employing more than 30 collaborators with special skills that are unique and bizarre
  • Take field hospitals fashion stay alive with high-speed process
  • Compete with your friends to get high scores and achievements

Surgeon Simulator Game Type

  • Heart surgery.
  • Gastric surgery
  • Liver Surgery
  • Ear surgery

Surgeon Simulator Game Features

  • Fun care and Real operating
  • Stunning graphics and gameplay are crazy
  • Realistic heart and stomach, facial simulation and cosmetic surgery
  • Use of medical aids such as electric shocks, injections, absorbent, cooling, tongs, creams, band bandages and drink
  • Temperature Check with thermometer
  • Zoom with Camera
  • Your brain teaser (tips) shows me a treatment offer.
  • He becomes a surgeon and works with the patient.
  • Use a tool like a cool cut with the intake (cut on the skin), stupid, stab wounds provide an adrenaline injection, and treat the wounded swelling with ice, using pliers, using lasers to seal the wound, replace the members, suck fatty tissue.
  • You know what it is to be the real surgeon
  • 5 different patients with different symptoms
  • The nurse will take you through the Co-op. Tell the story of what happens to patients and help them become better surgeons.

Veins and arteries can become clogged to him. Continue to examine the brain, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lung, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent you from getting in a state of freezing.

6. Heart Surgery ER Emergency

Heart Surgery ER Emergency

7. Super Surgery Simulator

Super Surgery Simulator

8. President Surgery Simulator

President Surgery Simulator

9. Foot Surgery Simulator

Foot Surgery Simulator

10. Trump Surgery Simulator

Trump Surgery Simulator

To avoid damage to other surgical simulations are now bracing. You're going to get some surgeon simulator free download to do the surgery. 

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Contact the brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctors, Stretch, and all other surgeons in the services to examine the patient's members while conducting simulations from the open heart.