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Top 5 Brain Simulator Game For Kids

5 Brain Simulator Game - This is a puzzle word genius! The beginning is very easy but quickly became difficult. Practice in the brain with Brain Simulator Games and find the hidden words, drag your finger over them and look at the letters that crumble. Doing everything in the right order, you can empty the grid, and there are two members for used

Top 5 Brain Simulator Game For Kids

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Members of the distinguished personalities can train six people every day. All games in this category are available. You can also play and the staff knows that is not limited to the number of times a day. VIP members can also only view the division of the class brain, class and date value percentage of each game.

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Members can start grouping from 3 to 6 categories per day at no extra cost. Just a casual game in this category will be available. In addition, you can complete the game with another 3 daily workouts (including VIP game) for free after a short video presentation. You can also play a game of people with a token. The usual symbolic cost of one game. VIP Games cost 3 chip. Additional chips can be obtained simply by watching a short video.

Best 5 Brain Simulator Game For Android Free Download

If you stumble on the board, you may think there is a level of infact. Carefully thought out before each shot and win with the keywords ' key challenges, keep the brain.

1. Mind Games

Mind Games

2. Brain Yoga Brain Training Game

Brain Yoga Brain Training Game

3. Brain Games

Brain Games

4. Left vs Right: Brain Training

Left vs Right: Brain Training

5. WordBrain


Features Of Brain Simulator Games

  1. Make the largest rectangle with blocks of the same color.
  2. Save the pattern and touch the appropriate box.
  3. Remember the sequence of numbers and influential circles with the same quantity.
  4. Numbers that play with different time settings, to be used as a type of training.
  5. Exercise your ability to anticipate and respond quickly.
  6. Exercise caution, focus, a speed of treatment and agility of mind.
  7. Enjoy your ability to share your attention and respond quickly.
  8. Remember that a group of people, and then see if you can contact them again.
  9. Exercise basic arithmetic skills, speed, and attention to detail.
  10. Exercise your brain's working memory and processing speed.
  11. Practice verbal memory work and non-verbal to increase your memory time directly.
  12. Exercise the visual and oral memory of the flow of events.
  13. Exercise memory for the completed task.
  14. Rapid reflection skills, practices, and processing speed.
  15. Exercise your cognitive flexibility and the ability to ignore information that competes.
  16. Exercise your ability to save and reproduce the road.
  17. Learn a number of 10 digits and face in a few tests as many times as you can.
  18. Note the set of objects that use the string that you specify.
  19. Practice your knowledge of the relationship of the word.
  20. Given the skewed tile position by adding a number of tiles.
  21. Practice your general knowledge and information.
  22. Exercise your ability to quickly identify conceptual categories.
  23. Exercise your vocabulary and spell skills.
  24. The masterpiece of the United Nations multi-vocabulary timing check.
  25. Test and train your optical memory skills.
  26. Save the 30 words and see if you can remember them.

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