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Top 10 Eye Surgery Simulator Game For Kids

Top 10 Eye Surgery Simulator Game For Kids - The heart of the doctor's emergency surgery gives you a really crazy doctor and surgeon that you've been looking for.

Top 10 Eye Surgery Simulator Game For Kids

With stunning graphics and crazy gameplay, the overwhelming facts such as real corruption have lifted him from the frozen state.

Young children are real heart specialists in emergency situations and provide appropriate treatment and patient treatment at the hospital or clinic. He might need a pacemaker to hit the heart. Open the patient's chest and avoid damage to the ribs.

Keep track of your progress check for instant heartbeat control. Access to health and fitness with simulated heart surgery in emergency situations.

This is an interesting simulation game of surgical care for the eyes. Elena is the love of reading and reading the girl, one day, and he suddenly felt uneasy

Eyes, you need a doctor to help her make a choice. And you have a clinic in ophthalmology department and as a doctor, you need to use medical drugs and medication.

Ambulance here is a new patient to get his open heart job made by a cardiologist. The ambulance doctor referred to the symptoms and illnesses that were on their way to the hospital.

These patients suffer from chest diseases that can affect the movement of fingers and hands, legs if the heart does not pump the blood properly. His blood vessels and arteries may be clogged.

Continue to examine the brain, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, kidneys, liver, lung, stomach and all body parts. prevented from getting into a state of freezing. To avoid other damage, prepare for open chest surgery now.

Feature Eye Surgery Simulator Game

  • Several levels of playback
  • Patient Setup
  • Patient evaluation
  • Al Ain Balance
  • Internal operations of the eye
  • Realistic Graphics HD
  • Easy to play
  • Not in the app purchases
  • The Internet is not required

Other Features

  • Fun and real care processes.
  • Crazy games and incredible graphics.
  • A realistic simulation of thoracic surgery.
  • Use medical products such as a scalpel, injections, tongs, antiseptic creams, preparations, and Band Aid.
  • Lifesaving patients from the problem of a real chest mother, performing the process, running the test, allowing the patients to have a chance to stay alive.
  • Nurses and doctors are crazy to help you with the cardiac surgery clinic.

You will be a heart surgeon to perform the operation. Contact your brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctors, Stretch and all the other surgeons in the services to keep checking the patient's members when performing that simulation.

But this is not an easy process to do, and you will need a lot of advances to open the chest and not even easy to use. Mark the area that you want to cut and use a blunt cutting tool to open the chest and abs.

Here you need a very intelligent wrist function so as not to hurt your patients. Carefully cut the rib and reach the frozen heart. 

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You must wear gloves and cleanse your hands and wrists. The chest cut and frowned and made care not to damage the lungs and kidneys or the organs of the abdomen of the heart.

This lovely girl called BYU having some big problems with his eyes after reading a lot of things and watched a lot of TV shows, she needed to wear glasses, but he felt uncomfortable with it. So, get Top 10 Eye Surgery Simulator Game For Kids

Now it's your O.R. where you should take care of it. After the process, you have to go with her to the exam room to see how he sees