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New Flight Simulator Of Super Hornet F/A-18 VS Helicopter

New Flight Simulator Of Super Hornet F/A-18 VS Helicopter- The US Navy continued to "buy more Boeing F/A-18 E/f Super Hornet low rates with improved buying" Lockheed Martin f-35 c fighter combined. But the sea was always somewhat warm toward stealth single-engine fighter. Instead, the Chamber has proved a strong preference for more "Super Hornet", during the development of unmanned aircraft strikes silently or skip ahead to the next generation F/A--XX. But the Secretary's Office, other ideas.

New Flight Simulator

And now the Navy plan to continue buying some number of "Super Hornet" during the purchase of carrier air wings and 35Cs some stealth capabilities. 

Meanwhile, the Navy began work on the next-generation F/A--XX-but without a pilot program was launched and monitored the strike the carrier naming Stingray MQ-XX Woody templates to air robot-reboiler. But is that the best plans for the Navy?

There is an argument to a procedure for building block III upgrades "Super Hornet" with low radar cross section and other improvements. In fact, Boeing has pointed out many people upgrade – including new weapons way conformal fuel tanks Bay and foreign, new information system in the cockpit and the RCS reduction measures. 

To add another proposal upgrade engine more powerful and fuel efficient and greatly enhance the ability of electronic warfare. Super Hornet block III can do most of the missions that depict Jim F-35 except for stabbing strike, it just evolved to its full potential, we must rely on a weapon in front of the mission.

You can reinvest the money saved from buying limit 35_C and F/A--XX and unmanned attack platforms. You could argue that this platform will be more useful for short-term tactical fighter force. Due to the arrival of the new China anti-ship ballistic missile, the Navy may have to stand the carrier as much as 1000 km off the coast to make sure that the giant 100 thousand tons, $13 billion for warships not directly threatened. This, in turn, means that the marine air wing requires a longer distance and 35_C and F/A-18 will not be cut.

If you guys are curious how the thrill rides, aircraft on this occasion you guys can watch the super hornet fighter aircraft maneuver vs helicopter in a simulation of a stressful