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Best Flight Simulator 2017 - F-18 Super Hornet - Cockpite View

Best Flight Simulator 2017  | Long before the creation of "the Wright brothers ' first plane, history of Greece Someone has registered try to fly like the birds use feathers

Best Flight Simulator 2017 - F-18 Super Hornet - Cockpite View

Grouping similar bird wings. Want to see the contents of the fly the world over Human desire to become Earth's surface since former Scorpion so stimulating

To create a wide variety of equipment to be able to achieve those dreams. With Over time along with the progress of human civilization, technology

Gradually with the help of various air ride private jets. Create a plane paying interest in many quarters to learn Minerbangkania. 

The drawing process this bird Work with a high degree of risk and is very expensive. The air will lower error Killer which can lead to death (no space for error), and

The time it takes to learn to fly, most of it to be zero gosh from Our bags. The existence of these effects, the idea emerged to create To learn to fly a machine later known as "Flight Simulator" or
Aircraft Simulator.

Inventing the computer capable of performing at the level of mathematical calculation Give high in a short period of researchers to create spirit Realistic simulation of the original. The main obstacle at the moment

They didn't have complete data on the properties of the aircraft that would Simulate to be a less realistic simulation. Computer methods for idea Flight simulation is actually a lot today and may have offered Ruder in 1929 In the German patent specifications. 

In his patent, we Ruder it sends Requirements of some Simulator Simulator standards Modern. 10 years later in "Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), United States Muller, developed an analog device for dynamic simulation in real time

Longitudinal plane. Besides the MIT and also suggested using tikeniktiknik mDigital control systems in aircraft. MIT in 1943 Development of "stability" and control analyst (compound) used by
Us Navy aircraft Development Corporation.

The need for simulation in real time which cannot be supported by technology Computers at the time, pushed "American Navy" to begin a research project The digital world called operational flight trainer (audio ft) at the University Pennsylvania in 1950. Computer research audio ft by Sylvania Completed in 1960. Able to prove feasibility project auto ft Simulated digitally, and focused on solving equations of Dynamics Complex plane. In the early 1960s, link simulation, and training Development of digital computer purpose link named mark I and Designed to run the simulation in real time. This device has three Wizard Parallel computation are used, choose the move function The radio station. 

This modern concept adopted parallel processor Simulator simulators today Moreover, the level of complexity of the aircraft and systems environment that will Simulate higher. For example, "the air force a full mission Simulator"-16A Use the four parallel-processor "host computer" who manages the process Simulation of radar and computer data processing and radar.

Already existing flight simulators can enjoy with various devices such as smart phones or computer, and can play at home, Including Flight Simulator is in 2017, this will be definitely one more sophisticated and complex, you can see in the video below.